Rafael Fuchs TIWIMUTA

Rafael Fuchs TIWIMUTA

and cooperation with fashion-designer Andrew Walker

"Tiwimuta" is available in big size (19,5 x 32,5" / 54 x 81 cm.) 9.500 DKK / 1.275 € &

medium size (14 x 21" / 36 x 54 cm.) 6.500 DKK / 870 €

Archival photo-rag print Big size 19.5 x 32.5“, 7/15

"For me, the image that I shot on the roof of 260 Moore St. in

Bushwick, Bklyn, NY, (where my studio was then) in August of 2007

is about hope, about the future, about progress and modernism.......

I was working on this image with the fashion designer Andrew Walker.

The model is wearing a chiffon head piece with hair attached to it,

which was the creation of the designer.

"Tiwimuta" is a name that was given by Andre to his zine magazine,

and this image is embracing the cover of the first issue...therefore I

the image with the same name.

Tiwimuta is the acronym for: "This Is What It Made Us Think About",

which encourages the spontaneous thought provocation process.

"Edyth" - 2007-2015 SOLD

Archival photo-rag print, Big size: 21x32” 3/15,

"New York Scene 1" - 1987-2013 9.500 DKK / 1.275 €

Archival photo-rag print, Big size 20x30“ 75.5x50 cm, 9/15

The photograph was made in 1987 and the location was West 34th. St.

It was a collaboration with the fashion designer Andre Walker,

whom I met a couple of weeks before that shoot.

I met him during two of his fashion shows that he held in two clubs that I went to:

Palladium and MK. In that era (70’s and mid 80’s,) the clubs night scene

was in its height in NYC, and this was the platform where young artists

and fashion designers would go to mingle and show their work.

Andrew Walker, A fashion shaman as considered by many,

stood out with his brilliant and eccentric creations, and it looked to me

as a great fit for collaboration between his fashion and my photography.

He became a creative consultant for big designers, including Marc Jacobs and

Kim Jones, and collaborated in 2014 with Comme Des Garcons’ Rei Kawakubo.

He has his own label now and lives in NY and Paris.

I picked that location since I wanted to immortalize the image with a memorable urban landmark of NYC (The Empire State Building)

I also picked the time of the shoot, the dramatic “Golden Hour”,

as the sun sets down

Rafael Fuchs TIWIMUTA