Rafael Fuchs (US)

After graduating in 1984 from “Bezalel Art

Academy” in Jerusalem Rafael Fuchs moved to New York, where he is based as ”artistic embassador” with atelier and gallery in Brooklyn-area Bushwick.

Rafael Fuchs is known widely for his

portraiture of a long row of celebrities.

The last couple of years  Rafael Fuchs has mainly worked with mixed-media and did in 2020 have the show "Death of a Hipster" with such in Galleri Wärme.

Henrik Pyndt Sørensen (DK)

Born 1956 and working as engineer and autodidact photographer, living in Copenhagen.

Since 1999 he has been connected with "Biofoto" (member) and "Ritzau Scanpix" (stringer), and

his works have been publiced in several media.

The last couple of years Henrik Pyndt Sørensen has turned towards creative photography, which is guided by personal motivation:                     "The Present Future" (2019) - "More Works"

"Let the Trees grow old (and Die)" (2021)

Ole Werner Munck (DK)

Ole's artistic expression is influenced by many traditions, from ancient rock carvings, abstract and figurative

painting, installation and sculpture to art-performances and live-painting.

Nordic nature may often been seen in his works, which, at Fuchs Projects, will encompass both paintings, video and live-performance.”

Marc Desmullier (FR)  1953-2019

Marc Desmullier was born and raised in Bretagne, and the dramatic landscape from here has been a ongoing source of inspiration for his work.

He did graduate from l’École Supérieure des Arts in Paris and worked for some years as illustrator and scenographer, until he decided to be a full-time independent artist.

Marc Desmullier did a.o. exhibitions in France, Belgium, Spain, Germany and latest also in Denmark.

Ebbe Pettersson (SE)

Born in Kungälv, Sweden 1942. E.P is an autodidakt visual artist also experimenting with cross-over performances together with musicians, dansers and poets.

E.P. has, since 1970, had exhibitions in Sweden and Europe at a long row of galleries and museums. gallerier, museer, konsthallar m.m.

"My world of images is what comes to me in the moment and stays, until another is taking over".