Rafael Fuchs Bushwick, NYC

Rafael Fuchs Bushwick, NYC

The Shack “Tibet” - 2008-2014 9.500 kr.

Archival photo rag, Big 24x32“, 1/10

“The Shack used to be the tools storage space in the parking lot on Grattan St., next to the 56 Bogart (that is housing galleries and artists’ studios).

I have been documenting it for over a decade, and it is very interesting to see the evolution of street art (from tagging to pasting artworks that are done in a studio and brought to the streets ) on one confined space.

The shack was dismembered in 2016 since a new building was built on the parking lot.

Grattan St. - 2014

Archival photo-rag print Big size 8/15 48x71 cm (28x19”)

This is a Portrait of solitude. - Circa 2006.

Some compare this image to a painting by Edward Hopper.

A lonesome "urban cowboy” that appears to be lost in his own weariness and private concern on Grattan St.

The strong and defined sunlight that is hitting him as the sun is about to set down on the west,

creating these elongated shadows that add to the drama.

Who is he? Who is he waiting for?

I don’t consider myself as a documentarian photographer. (Actually, I believe that every “documentary” photograph has a personal angle.)

Mostly, I am a portraiture photographer as well a personal documentarian. I carry the camera with me at all times, and I capture whatever intrigues me, without any particular agenda.

But later on, when I pick my favorite images, I find a certain mood and very often a social undercurrent thread that connects the images that intrigue me.

You might say that this portrait of solitude is a visual expression of a gentrification process of a neighborhood, with its “The quiet before the storm“ moment.

The Corner Across

14x22” on 20x24” - 3/15

The Corner Across with snow - 2010 - 2016

C-Print from “Bushwick forever” 11x14” on Luster paper – 3/100

Trash Is Art - 2008-2014

24x36” Archival photo rag 1/10

Rafael Fuchs Bushwick