Rafael Fuchs in London

Rafael Fuchs in London at National Portrait Gallery

JK Rowling - 1999-2012

Another print of the same edition is in National Portrait Gallery in London.

18x21” on 23x24” Archival photo-rag print, 5/15

I photographed JK Rowling in 1999, as she was about to publish her second book.

I was told that she is very shy in photo shoots, and it would be a quick and simple shoot.

I read her first book, to get acquainted with her style, and I was so awed by it.

I wanted to create something fantastical, as her stories are, so I created this whole set and got the gown for her as well.

She walked into the set and was all ready to play and have fun during the photo session.

Emily Watson - 1996-2005

Another print of the same edition is in National Portrait Gallery in London.

Archival photo-rag print, Big size 21.5x26.5” (on 24x31”), 3/10

I did the portrait of Emily Watson, the English actress, in 1996, as she was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress prize for her debut film role in Lars von Trier's "Breaking the Waves” movie.

The shirt she’s wearing was by Jean Paul Gautier, and I found the dried flowers in the studio where we shot and asked her to hold them.

At one point during the photo shoot, the creative director of the magazine I was working with, asked the make-up stylist to tone down the pink make up that he applied above her eyes.

The stylist was pretty infuriated and told the CD to mind his own business (as finding the best image of the shoot) since he has no clue of what was the makeup trend at the moment. I was a bit worried that this mini drama would effect the spirit of the shoot, but when I asked Emily what is her opinion, she just shrugged and said that she doesn’t really care.

Rafael Fuchs in London